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Rise Above Depression is a resource to help sufferers and loved ones understand depression, identify triggers, and discover relief tactics to use in the midst of depressive episodes.  There is no single approach or set of instructions for healing from depression, but there are thousands of people who successfully rise above the hopelessness. These are their stories, ideas, failures, triumphs, and the encouragement and tips they want to pass on—to you.

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“As a professional speaker, I know every audience member craves the answer to three questions: Why should I listen to you? (Credibility) Can I do it too? (Possibility) What do I do next? (Usability). Rise Above Depression is an inspirational masterpiece that not only answers these questions, but also reminds us that failure is an event, not a person. The authors acknowledge what it's like to be wounded and hurting, but show that being 'Present In Every Moment' we can realize that adversity introduces us to our real selves, and that depression is an injury from which we can recover and heal.”  
- Dan Clark, Hall of Fame Speaker, New York Times Best Selling Author
"Since most of us will either experience depression ourselves or be close to someone who does, it is important that we begin to understand the difficult challenges of those affected by this disease. In ‘Rise Above Depression,’ the authors have created a work that is accessible to everyone and provides valuable insights and tools to deal with this very serious illness. This book is a masterful piece, exploring this topic through the voices of many who are suffering. Each of their experiences is unique, and yet they all provide encouragement and hope for a better life. This is one of those books that will literally change lives.”
— Steve Ostler, CEO Onerefugee 
“When I started this book, I thought I was reading to learn more about how I could understand and help those that deal with depression. I soon realized this book is not just for those who suffer from the effects of depression, but it's also for any person looking live a fuller, more purposeful life. It is filled with simple daily tools and stories you could apply to life regardless of depression.  
It took me on a personal journey of looking how I can better my life and help create more joy for others. I recommend this book to ALL who want profound change, personally, and for those they care about.” 
– Andrea Tesch, Mother, Speaker, Entrepreneur
“Rise Above Depression is a perfect resource for anyone trying to understand the struggles of depression or mental health issues. The book lets you peek behind the curtain at many of depression’s contributing factors. It validates, it educates, and it comforts; most importantly, it allows realize you are not a victim of depression.” 
—  Jenny Layton, Author, Speaker, and Founder of The Happy Gal
“The powerful truth that we are much, much more than our bodies is only the beginning of what Jodi Orgill Brown expounds on in this must-read book. Discover keys on how to not only deal with, but overcome the things which in the end make us magnificent. An inspirational page-turner in developing trust and tenacity as we ‘press on’ with the challenges in our lives.” 
— Jeffery Olsen, Co-Founder @ONE, Best Selling Author
“This book offers hope to every one suffering from not only depression, but any sort of mental or physical ‘paralysis.’ The messages of hope versus hopelessness inspired me so much that I've sent the book to others I know who struggle with issues, physical, mental, and spiritual.  Reading this book proves a person can overcome anything, no excuses. I appreciate the inspiring stories of others who have found themselves in the face of adversity and have been able to move forward with faith and a positive outlook on life.” 
– Chad Hymas, Author of Doing What Must Be Done, Hall of Fame Speaker
“Someone once said, regarding their search for inner peace, 'In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer' (Albert Camus). Jodi Orgill Brown has created and compiled precious principles, insights, and wisdom that will bless anyone suffering from depression, anxiety or emotional trauma, with crucial guides and directions to help find their ‘invincible summer.’ The darkness and despair of depression are dispelled enough for us to take action. From there we can see an end to, or at least a viable way to endure and even find joy in, our suffering. The experiences, insights and counsel—shared with intense personal empathy—provide many of these key anchors of hope and can guide us to summer.”    
— John Paskett, VP of Operations, Personal Strengths Publishing, PTSD Survivor 

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