Caregivers Touch

Personalized Training for the HEALTHCARE INDUSTRY! This course is specially designed to teach caregivers and healthcare professionals about the importance of caring for THE ONE, delivered from a patient perspective. Unlike any other training, in this class, the speaker shares real-life stories that poignantly show the difference that healthcare professionals and industry providers can make when they treat patients as people, not objects. Heart-wrenching, raw, real and educational, this course always brings tears -- and change.  Call (801) 695-1673 or email for more information.

  • 20, 40 and 60-minute "Staff Meeting" formats
  • 60 and 90-minute Keynote or large group sessions
Topics covered: 
  • The Care in Caregiving
  • The Importance of The ONE 
  • Status vs Stature
  • The Power of Touch                                                                                               

All trainings come with at least 10 copies of "The Sun Still Shines", signed by the author. (Additional copies available at bulk pricing.)

What people are saying:                                    
"Words can't even express what Jodi did for my staff. I have never had so many people thank me for providing training. She touched each person and made all my employees want to go out and make a difference in the world. What an inspiration! Thank you!!" — Wendi Wood Snell, Director of Nursing, Aspire Home Health and Hospice
"The Caregivers Touch training left our staff speechless, but ready to reach out and provide life-changing personal care to patients, as well as those we interact with everyday. Jodi demonstrated that we do have the power to save lives. " — Kelly H. Flint, Executive Director, Mountain Ridge Assisted Living
"I think this should be required training for all health caregivers. I think for many the digital world and staffing constraints have left us forgetting our bedside manners. Monitoring patients with state of the art machines and doing all of the right treatments is all well and good but it doesn't replace the empathy that the patient as a human being needs. The caring touch or kind words and promptly answering the light to give reassurance are as important to well being. Jodi is a beautiful person inside and out."  Mary Jane Rings, RN
"To say this was inspirational is a huge understatement. Jodi's words seem to flow with ease and keep you entertained--wanting to know more. One of the things I think she depicts beautifully is the fact that we all need to be treated with dignity. There are many ways to strip a persons identity and make them feel less than human. What a great reminder to treat others with respect; especially those we care for. Thank you Jodi, for your honest words, your perseverance and your drive to share this story with the world." Jen M.

"Jodi captured my interest from the start and held me right through till the end. It reminded me that life isn't always easy and nothing is guaranteed ... Live each day to its fullest... Appreciate and love your family and most of all support fellow man who are struggling.. BE KIND." Thomas Lyman

"Jodi does a beautifully honest job in telling her story. While truthfully describing her situation, challenges, and feelings she is able to covey a spirit of hope, faith and optimism in the face of incredibly challenging circumstances. She is an inspiration to everyone who faces hard things in their lives."  Debbie

"What an amazing story of adversity. In our darkest experiences and our longest nights, the sun will still rise. I appreciate Jodi's candidness and the smallest details included to paint a true picture for us of what it was like for that month in the hospital. I'm inspired to be a better caregiver, friend, neighbor, mother, and wife from it and realize how much I take for granted. I will also be a better advocate for myself as a patient."  M. Wilkinson