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"I have rarely felt so moved by a book to review it the instant I have finished reading it. This is one such book, Jodi is an exceptional woman and a very talented writer. Her story pulls no punches and tells it how it is in such a way that you feel you have travelled with her every step of the way. Bravo Jodi, a triumph of love and courage in the face of such adversity." -- Lynne Reynolds, reviewer

“The author uses amazing descriptions and great language to share a real experience in an intriguing, engaging, authentic way. I was moved emotionally and feel honored to have taken this journey.” -- Tamara Hart Heiner, author of Inevitable, Perilous, Altercation, and Tornado Warning

"This book had me glued from the very beginning. It is so well written, and I admire that the author put herself out there like she did. She did an excellent job demonstrating what's its like when our life spins out of control, but shows how to keep hope and faith during difficult times. We were able to feel her lows, some of which were difficult to read about, and rejoiced with her during her highs. I would highly recommend this book to those who read for fun and for those who read to be inspired." -- Annie, reviewer 

"One of my favorite books to date. Jodi has a way of pulling you into the story, it was very difficult to put down. I finished it at 2am on a school night because I just couldn't stop. You'll laugh, you'll cry. It's very inspiring and demonstrates that all of us face hard times, but we can look for the positive and carry on." -- Celeste, Goodreads reviewer

"Real. Raw. Unforgettable. The pictures painted with words drew me in, but the vulnerable and candid depictions kept me reading all the way through to the Acknowledgements. I came to know a warrior and quiet hero in a way unimaginable. What a privilege..." -- Anonymous customer 

"This book was so real and didn't shy away from the hard truths. It was inspiring and it's definitely a book I will recommend and pass along to my friends. This book will take you on the journey of someone who has been brought to the brink of death, and fought her way back by the skin of her teeth. You can't help but cheer her on." -- Kayla, reviewer

"This book was written beautifully and touched my heart in so many ways. I'm not an avid reader (most days time doesn't permit) but this book was literally hard to put down. I went on a journey into the darkest times and the brightest times with this amazing author. If you're looking for an inspiring, real-life story, you have found it!" -- Cami H., reviewer

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